cannabinoid clinic

We offer expert advice on the medical use of cannabinoids. We are specialists in translational medicine which, in its essence, transfers scientific findings into clinical practice. Therefore, we also offer medical support beyond the use of cannabinoids. We specialise in cancer treatment. We co-operate with and offer support to oncologists and other specialists. We are a part of a global network of advanced medical science and can offer individual treatment of rare types of cancer. See clients' reviews on the bottom.
We recruit medical professionals!

Educating doctors and patients

Hemp is the most potent medicinal plant, and also the most researched one. Hundreds of in vitro, in vivo, and clinical studies support its introduction into virtually all fields of medicine. Exciting reading for doctors, and even more so for patients for whom the current treatment protocols are not providing satisfactory results. The book is currently available in German, Croatian and Slovene languages.


The most advanced cannabinoid protocols are supported with our own formulations. A cutting-edge science and transparency are integral part of our product development. The formulations prove their efficiency with the users and conform tu standards of use in medical practice.

In collaboration with the International Institute for Cannabinoids ICANNA these cannabinoid formulations were developed with the aim to fully exploit hemp's medicinal potential. Development of the formulations was financially supported by The Slovenian Enterprise Fund.

Doctor cures,
nature heals.

Providing add-on cannabinoid protocols is foundation of our value for patients. Safe and efficient cannabinoid formulations are its essential part. Only organically produced hemp meets highets medical criteria. We grow our own hemp in accordance to the herbalism principles on a high mountain farm.

Translational medicine is the avant-garde of medicine.

By its definition, translational medicine introduces scientific findings into clinical practice. We introduce and develop cannabinoid treatment protocols based on science and our years long experience. We are a part of the Western medicine science, but we do not forget its holistic origines. We do not treat a disease, but a person with a disease.

Individualised treatment
based on latest science.

Personalised treatment often requires a great deal of commitment, including studying scientific literature. Unfortunately, our capacities are limited, therefore we only accept a limited number of patients. We invite doctors to join our clinic, especially oncologists, neurologists and immunologists.