Cannabinoids have been part of the official medical science in most of the EU and other Western countries for nearly a decade. However, a vast majority of practicing medical doctors still lack the education and the support of the medical system to treat their patients with cannabinoids.

Indications for

In most developed countries, the cannabinoids are prescribed to patients as an add-on therapy to improve conventional drug treatment protocols. They are usually also indicated when standard treatment protocols do not offer satisfactory results.

Types of

Addressing the endocannabinoid system can be beneficial in the treatment of a great number of conditions that have their cause in a poorly functioning endocannabinoid system. Most frequently these are neurological conditions, as well as pain, cancer, rheumatoid conditions, and others. A malfunctioning ECS also plays a role in poor sleeping patterns and mood disorders.

Icanna Institute

ICANNA - The International Institute for Cannabinoids is a non-profit NGO, which was formed by the collaboration of partners from Slovenia, Germany and Austria. As an interdisciplinary organization, it brings together an array of experts, researchers and scientists from different countries.

The purpose of the institute is a multi-national cooperation in the field of cannabinoid research. The Institute achieves its goals through the implementation of research, development, analysis, education, training, consulting, monitoring, publishing, informing, raising awareness, proposing expert opinions or standpoints, offering expert advice and similar. Read more about Icanna on the Institute’s internet site.